Descendants and Sides Relatives of Dr. Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

List of Lutheridens family gatherings

Since 1926, our Family-gatherings held at important places where Martin Luther was working.

2026 Eisenach
2024 Nürnberg
2021 Gotha
2019 Coburg
2017 Wittenberg
2015 Eisleben
2013 Augsburg
2010 Eisenach
2007 Zeitz
2004 Torgau
2001 Erfurt
1998 Zeitz
1996 Eisleben
1994 Wittenberg
1992 Eisleben
1989 Coburg

This list is incomplete!
Alot of gatherings had been in private Surroundings. There had been not many "complete" gatherings of all members caused by the "German wall" (GDR/FRG)
Gatherings in the west - most of the time in Hamburg

E = Lutheriden in East Germany (GDR)
W = Lutheriden in West Germany (FRG)

1983 Nürnberg (W)
1983 Wittenberg (E)
1970 Leipzig (E)
1965 Wartburg (E)
1961 Wittenberg (E)
1954 Leipzig (E)
1952 Hamburg (W)
1952 Wittenberg (E)
1951 Leipzig (E)
1950 Leipzig (E)
1948 Hamburg (W)

1938 Wittenberg
1936 Zeitz
1933 Eisleben
1931 Mansfeld
1929 Wittenberg
1926 Eisenach
1925 Erfurt

Family gathering 2015 in Eisleben

Family gathering 2013 in Augsburg

From September 06th. until 08. 2013 we had a family-gathering in Augsburg!

The board was pleased with the active participation and a successful family celebration.

The meeting was opened on Friday night with an evening service in the chapel of St. Anne, led by Br. Christian Priesmeier from the Lutheran Cisterian Monestary Amelungsborn.

After a full program on Saturday with guided tours in the footsteps of Luther and Fuggers, we had a gala evening in the house of the Three Emperors.

The evening opened with greetings from Augsburgs Mayor Mr. Hermann Weber. Pastor Susanne Kasch from the ev.luth. Church of Augsburg greeted the Lutheriden as well.

The worthy conclusion of the meeting then formed a joint worship with the congregation of St. Anna under the leadership of Pastor Kasch, assisted from Br. Christian Priesmeier.

Many thanks to the city of Augsburg and the Church of St. Anna - who knows, maybe we'll meet again ...

Family gathering 2010 in Eisenach

Family gathering 2007 in Zeitz

Family gathering 2004 in Torgau